How To Make Cigarette And Other Bad Odors Disappear

New research indicates that the lingering smell from cigarettes is due to toxins that simply won’t go away.

One mom learned this the hard way when her family had to move across the country and they were stuck with the disgusting smell of stale cigarette smoke…

Here is Stephanie’s Story…

We had recently moved to a new rented house (my husband got a job across the country). Since it was just a rental, we did a virtual tour of a few houses before choosing the one we liked.

As soon as we walked in the door for the first time, it hit me in the face…


We never even thought to ask the realtor if the people who had the house before were smokers, but it was too late back out now.

So I spent the first day scrubbing the place from floor to ceiling, lighting candles, using aerosol sprays. Just when I thought I got the smell to go away, I’d leave the house and come back to get hit in the face with the odor.

I thought maybe it was the fact that I was super sensitive to smells.

Then we had some new friends over and as soon as they walked in they asked, “I never knew you guys smoked.”

I was so embarrassed the smell was that bad.

Since nothing I did to get rid of the smell worked, I started to do research.

That’s when I came across something I have never heard of before...third-hand smoke

Everyone has heard of second-hand smoke, but third-hand smoke was a term that was new to me and anyone I talked to.

Third-hand smoke is exactly what we were smelling. It’s the way cigarette smoke will linger around even long after some stopped smoking. And if there’s heavy enough smoke for prolonged periods of time, the smell can linger for weeks or even months.

With third-hand smoke, a mix of chemicals will float around the air until they land on a surface. These particles are VERY STICKY, so wherever they land they tend to stay for a long time.

Talking to a neighbor, they mentioned how the couple before us who lived in the house was always smoking. This explains why the smell was so bad.

Every surface inside the house had been soaking up this third-hand smoke for years.

Now that I knew the problem, it was time to find a solution...and this was not turning out to be easy.

Getting these toxins out of the carpet in our homes, or the fabrics that are in our cars is actually extremely hard to do.

The one solution I found was hiring a professional cleaner and that would have cost me over $1,000.

There was no way I could afford that.

So I went back to the supermarket and picked up EVERY cleaning product I could get my hands on.

While I was at the store checking out, a woman named Joanna behind me started to chat. She could clearly see I was having some sort of odor issue with the 10 different Febreeze bottles I had in my cart!

Joanna used to be a smoker and tried every trick in the book since her husband hated the smell (he wasn’t a smoker).

“My husband hated that I smoked, but I couldn’t stop. I would douse myself and the room in perfume, but he could always smell the smoke.

She continued,

“My daughter even stopped coming over as much with my grandkids because the smell made them feel sick.”

Then she told me the trick she stumbled upon that worked amazing at getting rid of the smell...AirJoi Charcoal Bags.

“They are bacteria and odor sponges which are made from bamboo charcoal. They get rid of smells very quickly…”

While it’s great they get rid of smells, they remove the toxins from third-hand smoke which was most important to me.

“All you do is place 1 bag in any small room (more for big ones) or car and walk away. It takes zero work or effort. They also last up to two years each. You just have to “reset” them every few months by placing them in sunlight for a little.”

They can be used for way more than just cigarette smoke. Joanna said she also uses them to neutralize the odor from her cat’s litter box. And her friends use them to destroy the smells from their kid’s shoes.

Joanna seemed like an honest person that I could trust but I wasn’t 100% sure they’d work. Then I saw they offered a 100% money-back guarantee, so I had nothing to lose.

My husband was inviting over some of his new co-workers for a dinner in a few weeks, so this was the perfect time to test them out before then.

I placed a few around my house, in a few different rooms. Then we left for the day to run errands.

When we walked back in the house, I was in shock -- the smell was totally gone!

I was so happy that I cried.

Our new house, for the first time in weeks, didn’t gross me out.

AirJoi is in a constant state of being sold out after going viral on social media. It seems like as soon as they announce new stock, it sells out in minutes. And with thousands of 5-star reviews, it seems like this won’t stop anytime soon.

After doing extensive research over a couple of weeks, we can safely recommend AirJoi as not only the best solution to get rid of bad odors and cigarette smoke, but also the cheapest, easiest, and safest.

How Do Airjoi Charcoal Bags Work?

The tiny AirJoi bag contains just one naturally occurring, non-toxic ingredient. This magic ingredient is activated bamboo charcoal. The charcoal works 24 hours a day to cleanse, purify, and deodorize the air surrounding it.

Activated bamboo charcoal has been used for decades to neutralize strong odors. Things cigarette smoke, urine, gym outfits, dirty diapers, and more.

Terrible smells aren't the only thing activated bamboo charcoal can help with. Since it also absorbs moisture, it helps to prevent mold from forming.

Some people think the best part of the bamboo charcoal is that it's non-toxic. This means you don't have to spray and breathe in harsh chemicals that most household cleaners are made of. It's safe for kids, pets, the elderly, and even those with breathing issues like asthma.

Using AirJoi couldn't be any easier. Throw one where you want to purify the air. Each one covers up to 90 square feet and lasts up to 2 years. If you ever notice it not working as well, you can "reset" it by placing it in direct sunlight for a few hours.

We decided to test more out for ourselves:

The Car Test:

Considering outside our homes, we spend a ton of time in our cars we wanted this to be the first test. Cars can get gross, especially if you have kids. The car we tested these with was filled with the fried food smell from a happy meal.

Result: When we checked the next morning the fast-food smells were gone. While the car didn’t have that brand new car smell, it smelt clean and free of stinky food odors.

The Garage Test:

In the summer especially, our garage reaks since our garbage cans are kept here. The foods seem to “cook” in the heat and just permeates everything. A few bags in here and the next day -- you couldn’t even detect the slightest odor.

The Basement Test:

The last place we tested was in a musty basement where kids spend a lot of their time playing. Basements are often damper, which leads to mold and mildew. Placing 3 bags this time in the play area, we left them there for 2 days before checking back.

Result: When we returned, the mildew smell was almost 100% gone. If we had used one extra AirJoi or left it for another day, the mildew smell would have been undetectable.

It was pretty clear after these three tests the AirJoi works better than we expected. Not only do they work well, but they take zero effort. Unlike cleaning with harsh chemicals on a daily basis. Or use of a product like Febreze which only masks odors for a short time by spraying toxins into the air. AirJoi is one of the only products that I go out of my way to recommend to family, friends, and even strangers.

*UPDATE: Wednesday, October 21, 2020* Since going viral online, AirJoi has sold to customers in all 50 states. To celebrate this milestone, they are offering a limited time discount of 50% off for anyone. They are so confident you will be happy, they have a no questions asked 100% money-back guarantee. This means you have nothing to lose except those nasty smells.

Order now before they sell out again.

I have been using these bags for 2 months and they work well. I am very pleased. They do eliminate odor.
I am a part time smoker. I only smoke in one designated room in the house. I put these little wonders in the room and by the end of the day...voila...the room smelled fresh again! Truly did not expect such great results! Will order more when these are 'used up'. Do not know, yet, how long they will work. But I am super glad to have an alternative to smelly air fresheners or noisy air purifiers.
I placed it in an area near the cat box and odors have disappeared
Absolute black magic. I have a few examples but by far the best example is my dogs' bedroom. I have 5 dogs, they all nap in the same room because the floor is cold and it's Texas. I hooked one of these up on the wall behind one of their crates and high enough up no one could get it and left it for about 4 hours. When I came back four hours later, There was no smell at all. These are fantastic!
I've used other brands of these in the past and these are by far my favorite! I even got an email from the owner asking me about my purchase and if I was satisfied. Seems like now with everything that customer service is nonexistent but not with this company!! Super pleased with the product and the company. I will definitely buy this again in the future!
Very Unique Air Cleaners. Appear to be able to do the job