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The natural charcoal odor absorbers are all you need. They effectively clean and purify the air, so you're always surrounded by a fresh, breathable environment.



  • This miracle air purifying bag removes unwanted odors in your Car, Bathroom, Bedroom, Laundry Bag, Closet, Gym Bag and more.
  • Reusable for 2 Years! Better than Baking Soda. This Odor Remover Completely Recharges in Sunlight.
  • Keep in Fridge to Absorb Harmful Moisture, Mold & Bacteria Before they Spoil Food.

Fast Acting. Long Lasting

Better Air Means Better Health

The Benefits of Bamboo Charcoal

"I bought the five pack figuring I would use them around the cat's litter boxes. It only took one of the large bags to reduce the smell so I now have the remaining bags distributed around our house, including the bathrooms. Having something natural to reduce bathroom odors is critical when you have pets (kitty babies) because air born odor reducers drop liquid to the floor when they fall. Then your babies step on it and eventually injest it, sometimes casuing kidney or renal failure. Thank you for a great product!"
Carole M. Buhlman - Palm Bay, FL
"I am a part time smoker. I only smoke in one designated room in the house. I put these little wonders in the room and by the end of the day...voila...the room smelled fresh again! Truly did not expect such great results! Will order more when these are 'used up'. Do not know, yet, how long they will work. But I am super glad to have an alternative to smelly air fresheners or noisy air purifiers...neither of which ever worked well for me."
Graham Johnston - Vallejo, CA
"I bought these bags to deodorize the stainless steel diaper can in my baby's room. I have tried multiple remedies and take the trash bag out often but nothing worked until I used this product. I placed a large charcoal bag in the stainless steel can (then the trash bag) and the smell is now gone from her room. I am very happy and looking forward to finding uses for the other charcoal bags in the set."
Katherine Burnett - Chicago, IL
"We have three cats (and two giant litter boxes) and as you can imagine, things can get a little smelly! We had heard about the effectiveness of bamboo charcoal as a deodorizer and wow, do these ever work! They come with handy little loops to hang on door knobs and closets - we placed them around the cat litter room (including inside the Litter Genie) as well as one in each room and our master closet. These started working instantly and the whole house has a nice "clean" odor...what a minor miracle!!!! Great product and super value and quality for the dollar!!!!"
Roger Thornton - Stamford, CT

Are you ready to breathe fresh, clean and naturally purified air?

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